Emergency response when taking Chinese elevator

The Chinese Elevator door can not be closed

After entering the elevator, such as the elevator door can not be completely closed automatically, press the close button can not be completely closed, then passengers should immediately out of the car, transfer to another elevator or take the stairs, convenient cases should be repaired to the elevator repair department .

Is held in the car

Passengers in the car, the car for any reason to stop or not start, and can not automatically open the door, then passengers should remain calm, do not take any urgent action (such as: Grilled doors or knocked off the car roof The upper part of the security window to climb out, etc.) The correct approach is:

Press the alarm button on the control panel of the car continuously, the elevator alarm will sound, the car outside the staff will immediately know the car off, and immediately find professional maintenance personnel to deal with.

Pick up the car on the control panel on the phone, according to the above prompts to dial-up rescue; or press the dial on the phone button to the external alarm rescue. At present, the telephone in the elevator car is connected with the room and the duty room tripartite, with the phone call someone answered.

Personnel in the car should wait for external professionals to come to the rescue release, the arrival of professionals in the rescue, be sure to call or propaganda, follow the rescue personnel command, with the rescue personnel action to ensure that all personnel Of the security.

Take the elevator, press the "close" and "floor" button for 5 seconds, the elevator will go directly to the floor you want, not in the middle (others press the floor) to stay. This method is applicable to most brand elevators.